Movin' On Up

I didn't go to SAIL. I'm [barely] a Leon grad. But two of my kid sisters did the alternative school thing and thrived. Heck, I've been to SAIL proms, sporting events [you should have seen the co-ed SAIL basketball team attempt to take on Rickards - the SAIL team got slaughtered, but their cheerleaders held their own], uncountable drama productions - more than I ever got into "student life" at the big school on the hill.

Anyway, point being, my mom's had at least one kid in public schools in Leon County for 25 years now, and the last one graduates from SAIL this year. The school's having some sort of get together today for all their current and former students to visit the old digs one last time before the haul off for the new buildings. (Only SAIL would make sure to schedule a school-wide function on 4/20.)

Congrats on the new space, SAIL. You may be the redheaded stepchild of the local school district, but you'll always have my respect.

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