Condos on Park and Franklin

You've gotta be fuckin kidding me. Some [pick one: a)complete idiot, b)far-thinking individual] did some minor renovations on that crappy 60s-style 4plex apartment building behind the roundhouse on Park Ave. and is now trying to sell the units as condos. For something like $189,000 each, if I'm remembering the sign right.

Look, not for nothing, but the 2 bedroom, classic Tally-style apartments - high ceilings, hardwood floors, funky kitchens and all - directly across the road from those "condos" rent for under $400 a month. Not a block up Park, across the tracks, on the same side of the damn road, squat a set of crackhead crash pad apartments that face onto Cadiz Street and rent for even less.

Heck, don't get me wrong - that stretch of Park is easily one of the prettiest little neighborhoods in town. Close to everything, chock full o' interesting folks, lined with beautiful cottages and so on. But anyone who would buy a crapass, flat-roofed, wanna-be condo for a couple hundred thousand must be from out of town. And slightly slow.

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