514 Gaines St./Bytchlys RIP

The smallest venue with the sturdiest stage didn't quite make it, folks. "Bytchlys" at 514 Gaines St., a diy music space run by Vermin from White Trash Messiahs and Alain from Euphoria Tattoos, is having its last two shows this weekend and next. They basically got screwed on zoning and rent, so it goes.

Damn shame, too. The last thing Tallahassee needs to do is actually lose venues. The space may not have been much larger than my living room, but they worked like dogs to build a very solid stage (even if the lead singer had to stand in front of it much of the time). They also had one of the most serious (and seriously over-sized) PA systems in town - hell, a band in that little joint sounded better than anyone ever does at the Beta Bar or Big Daddys.

I guess that's the fate of diy spaces. They come, they go, they leave behind stories, a few pictures, and an example of what can be done when locals put their heads together and make it happen.

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