Big Daddys and the indie music scene

Tallahassee's music scene is a damn sight better than we get credit for. You want blues? We got blues. You want rock? We got rock coming out our ears, from cover bands at Bullwinkles to southern rock and metal going down at 514 Gaines St. or even Floyds (aka, The Worst Music Venue in the Southeast). Whatever your taste, somebody around here's making that kind of noise.

I don't make a whole lot of dough, and 90% of my fun budget goes to live shows, mostly of the oi, punk, hardcore, and ska variety. Okay, and maybe a taste of rockabilly when Unknown Hinson stalks through town. I'm not a picky guy, I'll happily rock out in a shed, someone's living room, a backyard (until the cops show up), a coffee house deck, a public park, or an actual bar and venue. I'll support damn near anyone who throws shows and supports the scene. But the time comes when I can't support a venue any more. And that time is pretty much here for Big Daddy's on the strip.

Here's the schedule for Saturday night:
- Apr 21, 8 PM, Cost To Be Determined
- Apr 21, 11 PM, $free, RAVE!, free glow sticks, bracelets, straws and more. fist pump your ass off !

That's 4 bands - 4 popular local bands - sharing a 3 hour bill. And if you've ever been to any music event in Tallahassee, you know that shit won't start on time. Add this kind of insanity to higher door prices, zero re-entry (even for the 21+ crowd), crappy bathrooms, and an increased reluctance to actually pay the bands.

The time's come for a new indie venue. I nominate St. Michael's Pub on Gaines St, because they're willing, have PA, and will actually let the bands have most of what they take in at the door. Problem there? 21+ only, because it's a bar. Damn it, we need a new space.


jeff said...

i gave big daddy's one chance when i snuck in once about 4 years ago. i definitely didn't think highly of it before, and it was worse after i went. fuck that place.

st michael's would be kind of cool, but it'd be really hard to have it not sound like shit in there. it's a giant concrete block. does it really mean it's 21+ just because it's a bar? as it is now you can walk in there under 21. even if it is 21+, it would be nice to have it as an option.

JA Huber said...

I may have to check it out!

downtown guy said...

to jeff:

The funny thing is, I like the venue itself for the most part. The sound is good, and when you've got a 20 person crowd it's a hell of a lot better in there than at the beta Bar. It's just the way it's being run that bugs the crap out of me.

St. Mike's just bought and put in their own PA, but I have no idea what the sound would actually be. It'd remind me of having a show in a furniture showroom. That is my favorite bar in town now, though.

Miss Trashahassee said...

Hey DG --

Big Daddy's was cool when it was on the Parkway. I went there with some girlfriends on Thanksgiving night 1984 and we all danced to Chaka Kahn's "I Feel For You." We wuz the only ones on the dance floor. Actually, we wuz the only ones in the whole place.

Big Daddy's is now near Floyd's, ain't it? I seen Circa Survive and Mae at Floyd's the one time that I ever went there in my whole life. (My son was underage at the time an' wanted to go to the show, so I said OK but only if I went along.)

Know what? It ain't easy to crochet doilies in Floyd's. It's too dad-gone dark. People look at you funny too when you break out the crochet needle an' thread.

Your BFF,
Miss T

downtown guy said...

Miss T:

Maybe that's what Floyds should do with the weird, rockwalled entranceway - crochet section!

Miss Trashahassee said...


Only if they gives it a speshul air-conditioned booth to keep youngins from blowin' cigarette smoke into my A.O. I poked out one guy's eye with my crochet needle last time for gittin' in my space an' it was not perty. Got eye goo on my doily too.

One day gonna git up to Floyds when cuz Jeff Shields is playin' there. He don't know he my cuz.

Miss T

downtown guy said...

Miss T:

Last time I took my mama up there for a show (my dad's old band had a reunion), she spent nearly the whole time out in the rock pit, swapping life stories with a bouncer. She just flat couldn't stand the smoke inside - and she's a smoker! That place needs some big ol' warehouse fans or something.

Anonymous said...

Yo, to be brief, we're working on a new record label in town, and we've been working with Yianni's, also on the tennessee strip. Anyway, Yianni's sound is excellent, it's 18+, drink specials every night, and we'll be sure to have more events going on over there as time progresses. Check us out, we're hoping to make tally the next spot on the map for the music scene. greatproductions.net

downtown guy said...

Yeah, good luck with that. Looks like it's not my scene at all.