bed time

Okay, day shift. The planet is yours for the next 8 hours. Don't fuck it up or burn it down. Try not to wake me up unless someone is bleeding.

8 hours the hard way

I'm removed morning from my day. It seemed like the smartest thing to do. 37 years of attempting to sleep from night to day made no changes in my hard-wiring. When the opportunity presented itself to rearrange my schedule to suit my nature, lord, I jumped on it.

To bed at six, as false dusk greets the fishermen and the breakfast chefs. Up around two, as the rest of town begins that long, post-long snooze into evening. Right now, instead of hitting a snooze button and trying to come up with some way to finagle another 5 hours of sleep, I am just thinking of heading to bed. Lord love a duck, it's a beautiful life.