Letters to the Editor

Two excellent letters to the Democrat 4/25 re:WalMart on Gaines.

The author of the first letter ("You can't engineer artistic growth"), Susan Gage, should be familiar to any local interested in art or performance. Between her work at V89 and with the Mickee Faust players, she's been an important part of the local scene for many years.

Paula Zenick, who penned the second letter ("Please, anything but another Wal-Mart") owns Really Knit Stuff in Railroad Square. This shit's not hypothetical to Paula and the other small business owners who make that area worthwhile. Shops like hers are the exact local commerce that the city government seems intent on crushing under chain stores and high-end hotels. You know, I don't buy a lot of yarn, but I'm damn glad someone in town's offering craft folks options. She makes a great point in her letter, too - we can't oppose WalMart on Gaines by financially supporting them on the Parkway.

We've got to stand together against this crap. If we let the city bury every locally produced artistic expression and business, we just as well start filling in the sink holes to replace with concrete pools. Hats off, Susan Gage and Paula Zenick.


Katie said...

It's amazing that Walmart can stress me out just at the thought of having to go there. Down with Walmart!

downtown guy said...

Hear hear!