I've been following quite a few image blogs lately, just collections people make and show of visuals they find interesting or arresting. So I thought I'd join in the fun. Plus, blogger's free, so why the hell not?

"I've had dreams like that" is my new listing of photos and art that catch my eye, mostly swiped from around the web. That's all, no more, no less. I set it up as having adult content, because there's no telling when I'll need to post up some nice tatas. Or a Tom of Finland drawing. Who can say?

Anyway, go take a look at it. I'm being careful to provide links back to the sources, so if you like what you see, that's who to thank.


Biscuits and Gravy

Mama linked to my blog today, suggesting that folks ask for a copy of my current zine, Biscuits & Gravy, Corn Pudding & Black Eye Peas. I'm glad she liked it - she inspired it in a million ways - but it's just a simple, 8 page ramble about food and life. If you want a copy, drop me a line. I swear I promised someone a copy already, but I never mailed it - if that was you, write me again and I'll get on it. Either way, I'll need your mailing address; send it to: drunkonpabst at gmail dot com.

And just for kicks, the poem I wrote for the zine (probably the first verse I've written in 5 years, at least):

The south rises daily and fills a plate.
Cheese grits, breakfast or supper.
Field peas. Black eye peas.
Ham hock and hot sauce
Or yr mawmaw’s sweet sauce
From a mason jar.
Lima beans or call ‘em
Butter beans with chunks of pink pork
Either way.
Fried mullet, fried catfish
Dredged in corn meal salt and pepper.
You add chopt onion to yr batter?
So many greens.
King Collards and the royal family:
Turnips, mustards, kale,
Dosed with pepper vinegar,
Pot liquor rich as beef broth.
Soaked up with skillet cornbread.
Pass me another slice of that,
Please sir,
And the honey bear.


Don't-Drive-In Movies

I live very much in the center of town. If I called NYC home, my tiny apartment would cost approximately eleventy thousand a month and there'd be a doorman with gold braid on his coat. Instead, my rent check goes out at less than four hundred bucks, and there's a plastic skull over my porch light.

Good thing, too, because my friends and I ain't exactly what you would call the monied class. Mostly, we're the drinking class. Though we don't have a lot of cash, we do tend to be clever fuckers, so we make our own fun. We're getting a little burnt out on just listening to music and getting a buzz on, which seems to be the drill for Friday nights and special occasions right now, so this week we came up with a new and truly awesome fun time: the Firestone Outdoor Theater. The only Don't Drive In movies in the county.

Ever see Escape from New York projected on a two story high outside wall? A twenty foot tall Snake Plisskin kicks so much ass, I can't even tell you. See, my back parking lot - hidden from street view on all sides and lacking residential neighbors - is bordered on one side by the tall end of a local auto repair shop. It makes a beautiful movie screen when a friend brings over a dvd projector that may or may not have fallen off a truck.

So there we were, maybe ten friends sitting in two rough lines, swigging beers and answering back to the movie. Over our heads comes the party patrol helicopter. It circled us four times and then flew off. Can you imagine how weird we all looked from above, sitting there in the dark, all facing the same direction in a hidden parking lot in the middle of down town? I tell you this much: they'll have another chance to try and figure it out come Friday.


I want all the books

There's a new used bookstore opening down on Gaines. Here's the letter that the former owners of Word Traffic books sent out:

I’m excited to tell you about a new independently-owned bookstore opening soon in Tallahassee. The store is located at 672 W. Gaines Street, between University Cycle and the Warehouse. It’s in the Quonset hut, that semi-cylindrical corrugated steel building.

Please understand that this is not a resurrection or reincarnation of Word Traffic. I am not in any way involved in the ownership of the store, but I have been hired by the owner to help shape things up prior to opening and to work as a staff member once the store opens. The owner’s name in Jayson Hays, a long-time Tallahassee resident, academic, and book collector. He has amassed a great volume and variety of used inventory, including very impressive collections of European literature and history and Judaica.

I hope you will make note of the following dates:

Friday, August 7th (First Friday): Open-house and store preview from 6:00-10:00 pm. The store is not quite ready, but we are inviting the public to come in and look around, see what we’re doing, have some refreshments, even buy a book if you feel moved to do so.

Monday, August 17th: Store opens for business, and will be open regular hours henceforth.

In my personal and professional estimation, this is going to be a fantastic used book store, and I look forward to seeing you there. Please feel free to forward this message to anyone who might be interested.

I dunno about you, but I'm a used paperback fanatic. I'll be checking this out as soon as they open for real business. Pass the word!