Gaines Street WalMart

Give me a fuckin break. Did you know that if you stand where they're putting in a WalMart at Fallschase, on a clear day you can see the one on the Parkway? How damn many WalMarts does this town need?

I've lived in big cities. Tallahassee's growing, and there's nothing that can stop that short of the Gulf rising to the GA border. Do we want to be south Florida, a blight on the landscape, mile after mile of stripmalls and big boxes? Local culture shot and buried under city deals and concrete slabs? Or do we want art, music, communities where folks of lower income can still be proud of their neighborhoods?

FSU doesn't own Tallahassee. Neither does Killearn (hell, it's about time we let them break away anyway). If I hear one more motherfucker say, "downtown needs a grocery store, that's why no one lives there!" I'll be hard pressed not to throw punches. I live downtown. Quit telling me what I fucking need.

Right now I need a god damned beer.


Food and Brew Love said...

I love your blog and couldn't agree with you more! As another downtowner, I've watched with mixed anticipation, hope, and, recently disgust, at the prospects for development on Gaines. It seems that the city is selling out -- I hope it's not a done deal.

Do you think that Gaines further develop, or even maintain its good vibes with a Walmart casting shadows?

downtown guy said...

Thanks for the compliment.

Here's the thing - I hate seeing that big fuckin Marriot castle looming over me when I'm down on the street.

Tonight i saw an ad for an SUV - Land Rover? - called a Patriot. The idea of a Walmart on Gaines offends me in the same damn way.

What're your thoughts on home brew mead?