Let us go and make our visit.

Today it was hot, damned hot. We marched firmly around the flea market and then washed away the sweat and dust with cold, clear water, thank god. The town is empty, everyone gone home for the summer or to the beach for the holiday or simply pinned in sucking down conditioned air. For the first time in fucked if I know how long, I'm watching the sun go down without the weight of gotta-get-it-done crouching on my shoulders. All my tasks can be safely put off until tomorrow, when the wet slap of summer returns and I have to hide out in my cool cave.

I love night time. Day time has its virtues, it's bright and active, but all the best things happen by moonlight. Grab a cool shower, put on clean clothes, go out in search of adventure. In search of booze and music and laughing women in short skirts. In search of shameful indulgence and one punch fights and I've been kicked out of better bars than this, motherfucker. Anything, everything, because dawn erases the board and lets you start over fresh.

All my friends are out of pocket or wrangling kids or broke or high or already drunk from afternoon birthday parties. No crew for this pirate cruise, I may have to brave it alone. If I can't find a designated driver, it may have to be heel toe, that's how you go, down the street to Midtown and draft beer. There's a good time to be had tonight, and I'm going to find it.