"(Delayed sleep-phase disorder)-friendly careers can include security work, work in theater, the entertainment industry, hospitality work in restaurants, hotels or bars, call center work, nursing, emergency medicine, taxi or truck driving, the media, and freelance writing, translation, IT work, or medical transcription."

That's me. Bouncer/walmart greeter/preschool teacher at a local hipster bar. I stand in the lobby at night and sometimes throw people out if they are overcome by strong liquors. The bar closes at two, and around 1:30 I start to be very grateful that the patrons are about to be someone else's worry. Good folks, for the most part, but evil loves last call.

Time change tonight. Fall back, etc. At 2 am it will suddenly be 1 am again, and the staff will probably take a deep breath and maybe a shot and buckle down for the extra hour of hooliganism. It's gay night, so the FSU/Miami game should only have a minor impact in the usual rowdyism, but on the other hand drunken drag queens. Adventure!


Ms. Moon said...

And I'm wondering how in hell I can stay up until 11:00 because that's really 10:00, etc. Some of us contemplate the extra hour of sleep, some of us contemplate the extra hour of drinking.

Good luck. Stay safe. See you tomorrow! Love you so.

That Hank said...

I was drinking cranberry and soda, but all the patrons were pretty well soused.

See you tomorrow!