just a note to say

To my friends who blog:

The comment field style that requires you to use a drop town box to pick what account you wish to post from doesn't play well with many browsers much of the time, including Chrome and Firefox. Magnum, I'm looking at you.

I mean, your style is your style. But I'd sure like to comment sometimes and can't.


I am one of the 500 laid off today from DCF.

11 years of sitting in my office trying to help make sure that there is some kind of assistance for people facing mental health issues. 11 years of doing all I can do for shitty pay, whether it is compiling data to help get some budget money or just talking respectfully to folks who call out of desperation and pain, looking for a friendly voice.

I went in today. I got the call. I shook the man's hand and signed the papers. Me and 499 other people in already stripped-to-the-bone offices got "separated from the Department".

Technically, we have until June 30th, end of the fiscal year. I suspect I may burn some of that sick leave I never got to use.

The last thing I did before I left today, to go home by way of the beer store, was to make sure a grant application got sent so that the citizens of Florida can hold onto a few more services. Yeah, state workers, we're such villains.