Hot damn, I'm in a good mood today. I dipped into Ross last night on a whim and wound up with a $12 pair of Converse. Now, I feel a little sketchy buying Cons since Nike bought the brand, but they've written this pair off already and I needed new sneakers. And wearing new kicks always puts a little spring in my step. It reminds me of going to the Buster Brown store at the mall every year before school started as a little kid, picking out my style, getting my foot measured with that metal sliding thing (do stores still use those?), and having a new pair to show off.

On top of that, you couldn't hope for a prettier North Florida day. I walked out my front door and the sky nearly knocked me flat. Everything's clean and cool, and V89 was playing Velvet Underground on my way into work. Run run run run run...


Dress in Your Best

I'm throwing the New Year's Eve party this year for my group of friends. We've had a lot of keg beer, burgers on the grill, sweatshirts or cut offs get togethers lately, so I'm setting up the NYE shindig as a dress up event. A little sham champagne, some finger foods (as I told my chef friend: I want something with bacon and something with pastry), and everybody's best clothes.

It's that last one that cracks me up. I don't know why, but I never fail to be entertained by what people think of as their "best clothes." I can tell you now that at least one guy will turn up looking like a mafia don, a couple of dudes will have on snazzy hipster suits, one or two of my friends will have on real Fred Perry polos (those things ain't cheap, you know) and clean bluejeans, the gals will be evenly split between heels and no heels (which will show up in who decides to go around back to the bonfire and who doesn't want to get stuck in the lawn), Tommy will show up in a lady's blouse and more intense eye makeup than Cap'n Jack Sparrow, the punk rockers will put on their very best band tshirts, and I, at least, will polish my boots.

You should see what happens when we all get invited to church.


Cabin Fever

I need a new physical activity. Walking around Lake Ella's lost its charm. I've never been one for team sports, really, so municipal soft ball and its kin don't really appeal to me. Somebody suggest things I can do in the evening, outside my house but not way the hell out of town, for very cheap/free that'll get me off my ass for a little while.