blog cull

I use google reader to keep up with the blogs I follow, and I tend to just add shit in willy-nilly as I come across it. Of course, this means I was "following" 200+ journals and barely glancing at 2/3 of them on a regular basis. So I just went through my list and cleared out anything abandoned, anything I skip more than read, and anything I've lost interest in.

I feel so... purged.

For you, I offer a handful of themed blogs that I enjoy:
- My Parents Were Awesome
- illustrated Missed Connections ads
- Comically Vintage
- xkcd

Now, are these any odd/themed blogs you'd suggest?


May said...

I'm a follower's follower. I just read what other people tell me to read. Now I feel like I need to change that.

downtown guy said...

If you find anything good, tell me.

Ms. Moon said...

What's a themed blog? I think I might know but really- do people stick to themes? What would my blog be?

downtown guy said...

Like the ones I listed there. Or my image blog. But not yours. I think you'd like that My Parents Were Awesome blog.

Magnum said...

cull me, please! cull me, I'm not worthy.
oh, and I like reading May's posts, she's a funny one, that May.

downtown guy said...

Yeah, she and I hang out it's laff-it-up central.

Mrs. Holly Hall said...

ehem . . . .

Mrs. Hall

is an excellent blog indeed!

Crack open the home page and go to the Hall Hall of Fame for further proof.

You'll thank me for it ;)

downtown guy said...

Mrs. Hall, I'll give it a shot!