make the walls ring

Okay, these pictures are from Thanksgiving Eve at my mama's house. Give me two months, maybe I'll make a New Year's post. I'm blessed to come from a family dripping with musicians. Me, though, not so much. So this is what a holiday with our little clan looks like from my corner of the room.

A small library can hold a whole lot of music.

Old friends bend strings.

The generations swap notes.

May makes a curtain of her hair and sings from behind it.

And the Cicada Ladies play.


Petit fleur said...

I like the idea of the walls ringing. Nice imagery. Beautiful cozy wintery pictures are fine too.

I love May's voice and Jessie's playing... and your dad's playing, and Lis's playing and Bill's playing... Lordy! What a gathering! I WILL NOT miss this party next year.

Happy New year Hank!
xo pf

Bethany said...

How fun! And beautiful.

downtown guy said...

Happy new year, PF!

Bethany, it was.

Steph(anie) said...

I'm jealous, in a nice way, if that makes sense.

Ms. Moon said...

Oh, Hank. Thanks. Love you...Mama

downtown guy said...

Steph: I know I'm lucky.

Mama: Love you, too!

May said...

I like your new profile pic!
Also, I like this post. That sure was lovely.

downtown guy said...

May: aw, and I just changed it again. Felt like it was too dark.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Thanks for sharing the photos. Looks like it was a damned good time.

Love you.

Anonymous said...


Do any of the cicada girls give lessons? I'm thinking specifically of the gal playing the ukulele giving a couple pointers to an aspiring youngin'.

Melissa Kaye said...

I love the lighting in all of your pictures.

That was an amazing night.

downtown guy said...

Magnum: my sister is the mando player. Check out her blog under my blog list - Honey Luna. Comment there and ask her about her friend giving lessons.

Melissa: How's G'ville?

Melissa Kaye said...

G-ville is small. I'm trying to find some good music around here. People say G-ville has a great underground music scene, but I think it is really underground. :(

Lisa said...

Just lovely : )