fuck fuck fuckity fuck

Every single god damned thing I have done today has required 5 extra steps because someone else fucked it up along the line. Someone who makes more than I do. Someone with a college degree. Someone who ought to have the god damned sense to know how to do their job, which I am not getting money to do.

So, here's a hearty fuck you sideways to those out there who have kicked my soul in the nuts today. I hope you go home to find your porch plants dead and your pets shitting wetly on your bedroom rug.


Mary said...

DTG, HUGS to you!

Gosh, sometimes the universe doesn't treat a man decently, eh?

What are you going to make for your supper? (Sometimes I do use food for comfort - as Sarcastic Bastard would so wisely say about that "So the fuck what, kiss my ass" LOL)

Anyways two nights ago my sweetheart made homemade mac&cheese, with PEPPERONI fried up and stirred in, and a handful of frozen green peas. I ate the last scoopful of it this morning for breakfast.

Hugs again,

Steph(anie) said...

"shitting wetly" made me laugh.

Let loose tonight.

Ms. Moon said...

Oh, honey. I am so sorry.

downtown guy said...

Mary: that sounds mighty good. My friend Tay brought me a sampling of leftovers from her kitchen job, so I enjoyed various hippie dishes and was a better man for it.

Steph: I meant it, too. I wound up going to a friend's band practice, so that helped - a little loud music, a few buddies.

Mama: Oh, I'm fine and dandy. Just had to blow a little steam.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Love you brother. May those assholes step in the wet shit, too!



downtown guy said...

Of course!

Petit fleur said...

So unfair. I think that is one of the big reasons I'm dragging my feet about getting back into the workplace. I remember that feeling.

Fuck those fuckers... and their urban assault-vehicle driving selves!

downtown guy said...


Mrs. Holly Hall said...

that bit about the pet-


yet made me giggle all the same

downtown guy said...

I'm glad, because a laugh was sure needed.