amazing grace

By the way, I feel about a million times better today. Less like someone dragged their muddy feet all over my brain. The tasks I did today stayed done and no one pissed in my iced tea.

After I extracted myself from the office yesterday, I met up with a good friend. We rode over to the Lucky Scars' practice space to listen to good music, freeze our bald heads, and get our shoulders out of our ears. A fellow was out there fooling with his bagpipes, and I love the pipes, so that was a bonus indeed.

Although, I admit, when he got to tuning the things we decided to leave.


Steph(anie) said...

And it's Friday!

Ms. Moon said...

Cats in a bag?

Petit fleur said...

Who the hell was pissing in your iced tea?? I will give him/her a big phat "WHAT FER!" if you say the word... Also, I have an uncle Vito AND and uncle Rocko. For real I do!

Glad you're feeling better.
xo pf

May said...

Glad things are on the up and up. I had so much fun with you last night.

downtown guy said...

Steph: wait, so how is it Sunday already?

Mama: my favorite.

PF: ha, just your tax dollars at work.

May: we always have fun together.

Anonymous said...

love the pipes

Anonymous said...

Not sure if I like bagpipes or not...something to think about!
But I get the irritation with people making more money than you fucking everything up. Story of my existance here in the land of public service.

downtown guy said...

There's no middle ground with bagpipes, but I love the drone.

Don't love the office BS, though! Grr

Sarcastic Bastard said...

I understand about the office b.s. My ass is ready for the X-mas time off.

Love you. Glad things got better.


Mrs. Holly Hall said...

what is a 'Killearn moms in SUVs'

I get the other words, just not the 'Killearn"

Or you could focus on hot moms in SUVs. They're cool ;)

downtown guy said...

Killearn is sort of Tallahassee shorthand for upper or upper middle class, white, suburban folks.