life cycles

Today I felt like posting about the flea market. I'm trying to get some folks up to go out there this weekend. Not so much to buy anything, just to enjoy the afternoon, drink a draft beer or two, and poke the junk.

But here's the funny thing - I thought I'd better check and see what else I've written about Chez Flea, to keep myself from just saying the same thing over again. I checked my tags, and I've done basically one blog entry about how much I love the dirt mall. The date of that post? 9/9/07.

I go to the flea market probably once a month, all year round. But I guess right now is when I start feeling the season change and thinking about nice it is to walk around out there when fall gets here and everything's crisp and cool.

So, anybody want to go buy a pair of used britches, a photo of Elvis shellacked to a cypress board, yard-long incense sticks, or an aloe plant?


Ms. Moon said...

Oh dear God. Do not buy an aloe plant. I have an aloe FARM going right now. Seriously. Free Aloe at Ms. Moon's house! You pick.

downtown guy said...

Good to know. I killed my last one.

tallycast said...

Google for "soap" aloe. It's a variety that can live outside year round in our ecosystem. I did a run to the hooterville mall my own self this weekend. I spent most of my dinero on veggies from the Mexican guy. Fresh tomatillos, dried pasilla, polbanos, etc.

downtown guy said...

Those boxes of dried peppers always catch my eye. I keep meaning to learn how best to cook with them.