there and back again

Well, I rode Greyhound to DC, hung out with my girlfriend, helped partially convert an old Merz to run on veggie oil, walked all over town, rode down to Atlanta in said Mercedes, got drunk and happy at a small oi festival, ate gravy and biscuits, and came on home. Check it out:

Smithsonians ahoy! We basically did every free thing in DC.

We walked all over the National Mall, and settled down to rest some near Grant in front of the Capital. This is my gal Leila, footsore but still smiling.

Thems as know me know my fear of frogs and toads. Seriously, they scare the bejesus out of me - no idea why. So here I am saying, "Oh, no, a frog!" at the National Zoo.

Then we hit Atlanta for a big oi! show. Here I am with Kel and Perry - Kel writes for my zines from time to time and Perry's known for being in The Templars, among other bands. Class folks, they live over in Jax when not drinking heavily in Atlanta.


B.E. Earl said...

Perry looks familiar. I think the Templars are originally from my neck of the woods (Long Island), and I may have caught a show once a long time ago. Only a "maybe" because I wasn't really into Oi! at the time. I preferred straight punk and ska during most of the 90's.

Now I sit at home a lot.

downtown guy said...

Yeah, they're from up that way originally. You know, I've hung out with them a few times, but never actually managed to catch the Templars live.

Punk is good, and I'm a fan of a lot of ska, but these days I'm pretty much an oi!ster.

honeyluna said...

I love your expression in the frog picture. I knew exactly what was going on in that one.
When I went to D.C. with Melissa, we basically did what you did, we walked and walked, did the museums and the mall and walked some more. Unfortunately for me, I didn't get drunk at a Oi show. But I'm sure I was saying, "oi" a lot after walking for days.

downtown guy said...

I know I was. That's the most I've walked in a long time. Worth it, though - the zoo was particularly cool.

EDP said...

Man, I envy you. I get up to D.C. about once a year to see my crew, and the Smithsonian pix make me want to book a flight today.

downtown guy said...

It was the first time I'd been since I was a teen.

EDP said...

Is it just me, or is the Lincoln Memorial really freaky up close? Like, I keep expecting Abe to get up and walk.

downtown guy said...

I sort of kept thinking about the Arthurian legend that says that Arthur will rise and defend England in times of great peril, and wishing that we had a similar story about Lincoln and his memorial. Like, when the country is in grave danger from its leadership, Abe will rise from his throne, walk across to the Capital, and kick some ass.