Dirt Mall

I woke up this morning wanting a pair of green bootlaces, a pack of nag champa, a bandana, and a peach. Okay, so mainly what I wanted was a reason to go to the flea market. Where else can you sip a draft Bud while browsing through 70s country records, hot pants that say "Rebel Girl", and framed posters showing the last supper as portrayed by characters from Scarsface, The Godfather, and The Sopranos?

After the intense heat we suffered through this past month, I've managed to convince myself that fall's pretty much here already. Even with sweat running down my back while I strolled between aisles, following my nose to the incense, soap, and African medallians booth, I found myself saying things like, "Sure is cool out today," and "Looks like we survived another summer." And in a funny way, it's true. A local knows these things. You can feel that little edge when a breeze hits just right - that promise that soon we can pull out jackets and jeans and not die of the heat. That hint that the fair's just around the corner (elephant ear, anybody?). That I'd better start planning my Halloween party.

Between the fine weather, the self-delusion, and the fact that I managed to get everything I needed for under $5, the flea market couldn't have been better. How do you think I'd look in those hot pants?


AucillaSinks said...

Yep, you can't call it a coolness in the air yet, it's more like a slight decrease in intensity that marks the transition from summer to fall 'round here.
We ate lunch outside on the deck today for the first time in four months. Still beading sweat in the shade of the umbrella but that's hardly stifling for this yocal.
Cool mornings and deep blue sky are just around the bend baby!

Ms. Moon said...

I think we've all noticed and it's just so delightful. It's a promise of fall.
And hon- I'm thinking "no" on the hot pants.
Just saying.
Nice to read your words again.

Miss Trashahassee said...

Thanks for the reminder that cooler air is on the way!

Miss T