true love

My last post reminded me of one of the best things I ever heard on NPR. It's Sarah Vowell doing a piece called "The Greatest Love Story of the 20th Century" about Johnny and June, and I really suggest that you take a second and listen to it. You'll have to let the whole episode load and find it at the end, but it's pretty damn beautiful.


Zil said...

I also remember being really struck by this piece when I first heard it. And it came out before Walk the Line, so I didn't really know that much about their relationship.

I especially liked all the stuff about Ring of Fire- how June wrote it about her forbidden love for Johnny, and then Johnny turned around and recorded it with June and her mom and sister singing backup. Awkward...

I do love This American Life.

downtown guy said...

The whole story of Ring of Fire is such a perfect way to explain their personal drama and how it all happened. Vowell did a great job with that.