like a foolish man who built his house on sand

Do you remember that developer who went to Dog Island and was so struck with the near pristine beauty and untouched nature that last year he bought up a bunch of beach front land and gave it to his old university to figure out how to build it up and make a ton of money off of it?

Well, it turns out that they still haven't figured out that the land they intend to build on is dissapearing at the rate of several feet a year. Bless their little hearts. I hope their final grades don't depend on making something work down there.


Ms. Moon said...

Yeah, that was such a good idea. And so traditionally Floridian growth philosophy, too- built it quick and get it sold before the sea/jungle/hurricanes/alligators
reclaim it.
And here's the funniest part- real estate on the island is DEAD. No one is buying.
As far as I know, anyway.

downtown guy said...

There's a recession, who's going to buy a beach house that won't be there in 5 years?

juancho said...

I'll give you $358.00

That's all I got right now.

downtown guy said...

Hell, that ain't a bad deal. I'd pay a couple hundred for a temporary beach house. I wonder if the university will take that offer, once they realize that "donation" in this case means "tax write off for dumping a terrible development idea".

B.E. Earl said...

All of Florida will be beachfront property at one point or another in the future, I guess.

My neck o' the woods too!

downtown guy said...

Yep. Wait long enough, you'll be dipping your toes in salt water right off your porch.