let him climb the rigging like his daddy used to do

This whole end-of-the-easy-to-get-oil-supplies thing may not be all bad. Can you imagine all those god damned huge cruise ships stuck in shallow water, listing, useless, filled with squatters because they can't get the fuel to run and ruin? Once again, maybe the world's ports will fill with sailing ships, the sound of wind on canvas, people braving the heights above pitching sea and rocking deck. Instead of pushing our way out with chugging engines and pouring smoke, we'll go back to traveling the oceans at the whims of nature. Going to sea should be an adventure, not an excuse to shop.


Ms. Moon said...

Whoa! I never thought of that! The end of the cruise industry! That might be worth seven dollar a gallon gas.
Or would that be seven million dollars a galleon?
Forgive me. I had to say that.

downtown guy said...

Haha! Hey, it can't be all bad. I hope to be around in 50 years to see what the history books say about now.

juancho said...

I hate cruise ships. I'm going to start driving twice as much and run the AC non-stop until they beach those things for good.

downtown guy said...

At the very least, all those middle class gambling/cheating/shopping cruises can't possibly stay affordable for much longer. And maybe jet skis will be right behind.