A Night on Gaines

Tonight I plan to take full advantage of the nightlife down on Gaines Street. I might grab some dinner from the Soul Vegetarian cart next to the new CD Warehouse on RR and Gaines. I'm an omnivore, generally, and a rare steak makes me a happy man. But when vegan food tastes like Soul Veg's mac and "cheese", I sure don't mind going meat-free for a night.

At some point, I'm sure I'll wind up with my elbows on the bar at St. Mike's, downing a pint or two of cold, draft Pabst. You can learn more about the kind of folks that keep that area of town lively by wandering the crowd in that room on a Friday night than you can from any number of public forums. Local business owners meet and greet at the wide bar. Roller derby gals and newspaper employees crowd into booths. Punks and anti-racist skins switch off on the pool table. Artists, both the tattoo and the fine art varieties, pull up on scooters and take over the foosball table.

I'll end up at the Beta Bar (ie, Cow Haus III) for a cd release show. A handful of local bands playing their hearts out for anyone who can afford a $5 cover charge. My bad knee keeps me out of mosh pits these days, but there's really no feeling like being shoulder to shoulder with your nearest and dearest, singing along.

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