state on fire, rolling down the road

You'd never think that a place as waterlogged as Florida could burn so well, would you? When the Gov calls a named subtropical storm a good thing, God help us.

Watch out, y'all. Don't throw cigarette butts out windows, don't have bonfires, don't burn your trash right now. But more than that. These fires are doing a lot of damage, and we won't know the extent of it until we get a good drenching or we get the blaze under control. So, if you are in the state but not threatened right now, start thinking about how you'll help those who come through it alive but lose their homes, livelihoods, worldly possessions. Contact friends and relatives in the threatened parts of the state and make sure they have somewhere to stay and the things they need while evacuated from their own places.

Fire's scary shit, y'all. Let's do what we can to help everyone pull through this. And it probably wouldn't hurt to pray for rain.


Karen said...

Hey again pity party buddy! I linked to you in my post tonight - you seem like a good guy and people should read your blog EVERYDAY! ALL THE TIME!

Miss Trashahassee said...

Could we be havin' a repeat of the Firestorms of '98 all over again? Lordy mercy I sho'nuff hope not. I don't never git to see the Ol' Man durin' hurricane season; gonna be the same thing if the whole dad-burned state goes up in flames.

Reckon "dad-burned" ain't the best choice of words right now.

Miss T

downtown guy said...

Dang you, makin me laugh at the whole damn state going up in flames.

Miss Trashahassee said...

Well, Downtown Dudely-Dude, last week I heard there was 53 out of 67 counties doin' some shamin' flamin.

But jus' thank of this here. If the whole entire state -- that's all of it includin' them fancy neighborhoods 'round here called Killroy Estates and Buckshot -- had it's own 6-year-old Drew Barrymore livin' there and the neighborhood bullies ticked each of those Drew Barrymore's off real bad for the very last time ...

Maybe that wouldnt work; I thank that was in her drinkin' stages.

Well its the thought that counts. We coulda had an event at 100 percent. Coulda. Stupid child alcoholurks,.

You ever notice how wild prickley pears sometimes look like cute little peoples posing for a photograph, but when you go to pick them up, they stick it to you?

Miss T

Mis T