Mastadons and Murats

Get Out and See Tallahassee

On May 12, a number of Tally museums and attractions will be open to the public with no fee. Maybe I'm just a dork, but I love to head out to the Junior Museum (okay, okay, the Tallahassee Museum) on a Saturday to check out all the animals panting in the shade, maybe catch a glimpse of a white squirrel or ten.

The Museum of Florida History (RA Gray Building) is another of my favorites. I was just a little 'un when they first started displaying the recreated mastodon skeleton (did you know that it's named Herman, after one of the scientists who recovered him, Dr. Herman Gunter?). My mom took me down to check it out. While she was looking at some pottery fragments, I turned a corner and came face to tusk with Herman. My mom says I let out the most primal scream of terror she's ever heard. She scooped me up and calmed me down, but I was scared of the beastie until I was nearly 10. Well worth seeing, if you haven't already.

I know not everybody's as stoked about local history and culture as I am, but take yourself or a visitor or some kids out on 5/12 and see what's in our backyards.


My life the jigsaw puzzle said...

Well whats the address to the musuems? I like outdoor stuff, parks theme parks. I found the library today and now have my first Florida Library card. (Thats the highlight of my Florida stay so far if that tells you how exciting my life is) I like going to places that you see everyday but no one knows anything about it. Like a historic building that no one pays any attention to and learning the history behind the city. (I love history sorry If I bore you) I don't know what else... maybe you have a suggestion or two?

Jon said...

That's what I love about living in this area; it's so rich in history. I'm lucky I married a woman who doesn't mind going to these places.

Miss Trashahassee said...

I still call it the Jr. Museum, too. Can't call it nothin' else, don't seem right. Ain't right. One of my shoes is at the Jr. Museum under about 3 feet of mud. Been there 'bout 40 years now. They tol' me not to git too close to that pond but I wouldn't lissen an' my foot sunk right on down into that soft mud an' when it came back up, it ain't had no shoe on it.

Don't reckon I need it no more; wouldn't fit me now no hows.

Miss T

downtown guy said...

Best story of the week.

Karen said...

Wow Downtown guy - I love your blog! Thanks for being out there in the world and reminding me that not everyone in this town likes Wal Marts!
Of course thanks for your comment too - always plenty of room in the pity pool - and the water's fine :)

JA Huber said...

OK, so what did you do yesterday? I sweated at Pebble Hill Plantation and Maclay Gardens.

downtown guy said...

The smoke sent us inside, so we hit up the Mary Brogan, and my neighbor went to the planetarium.