Karaoke is like Fight Club. All week long, that guy on stage is a cashier at Publix. But for a few moments on Thursday night, he's a fucking rock star. He's singing his hit, and the audience knows every word.

Me, I love karaoke. Bad, good, country, rock, hipsters, or rednecks, I'm down. As long as people are willing to grab that microphone and go for the gusto, I stand ready to cheer them on. I go every week with a crew and almost never perform. I am strictly there to drink beer, holler, clap, and sing along from my seat. It's a crazy thing that in this day of polished, autotuned perfection, adult are still eager to get up in front of a crowd and give it a try. Some of them, even sober.

It's something that I assume comes from back around the beginning of people being people, taking turns around the fire to entertain or inform the others. We find nothing so amusing as each other.


Ms. Moon said...

Amen and that is the damn truth.

B.E. Earl said...

Did karaoke a few weeks back with a bunch of friends at a joint in NYC. We closed out the night with a group sing-along of The Weight. Gia told me that I became 70's Levon Helm for a few minutes there. Best compliment she's ever given me. :)

mr. downtown said...

See? The magic power of karaoke.