Facts About Fruits

I lead trivia nights in a few local bars. I double source my questions, but every now and again someone wants to argue a point.

Last night, a dude took me to task for calling an avocado a vegetable. But no, he insisted, it's a fruit! He had his smartphone out to prove his point, ready to educate me with the true facts. Yep, it's the fruit of the avocado tree, but culturally it's a vegetable, just like, oh, most of what we consider vegetables. He wasn't having it. Culturally? Culturally! But it's a fruit!

Packing up my gear, I didn't want to stand around and argue taxonomy. Plus, turns out this gent was throwing darts and just happened to hear me be wrong and felt the need to rectify that issue. He'd never played my trivia and told me that he never would, since I clearly did not care about the truth. I gave him a thumbs up, grabbed my bag, and got the fuck out. I wonder what outcome he was expecting from that encounter. I don't think he got whatever he was after.


Ms. Moon said...

Yeah. He wanted a fight. Good for you for walking OUT.

mr. downtown said...

He was so adamant about it. It's a fruit!

Anonymous said...

What an ass he was. Sweet Jo

mr. downtown said...

He was just sure he was right and wanted to make the point. But yeah, kinda. It was a pretty pointless point.