on the dog

Billy's haiku for Dog Island:
Mr. Horseshoe Crab,
You are so prehistoric.
Get away from me.


Ms. Moon said...

WHAT A GREAT POST!!!! What a great haiku!!!
I love Billy. I love you, too.
I think I have some of y'all's shirts. Dad brought them home.

downtown guy said...

Dad mentioned that. I'll get them from you - Friday, maybe?

Ms. Moon said...

If I remember to bring them. Remind me.

Lazy Rani said...

for years my friends have been into "trail names" and "spirit guides" and "totems" but always in this "ironic" way that made me wag my finger and tell them until someone realized their spirit guide was, like, a seed tick or a mule or something, i wasn't buying it. but when we saw the horseshoe crabs mating by the dozens at panacea i forgot all my derision when i felt the swift and uncanny bond to this sea animal. i know you're supposed to go on some sort of quest to have your guide revealed, but in some sort of cosmic grace i think i bypassed this step and got to glimpse something most people struggle to see. i can't explain it, but... um, don't fuck with the horseshoe crab. thanks.

downtown guy said...

Ever hear of the song, "Nobody Buggers the Hedgehog"? I'm pretty sure that also applies to horseshoe crabs.