call you on the telephone, give you a ring

Hey, remember The Georgia Satellites? That one hit wonder southern rock band from the 80s? You know the song - got a little change in my pocket goin' jang-a-lang-a-lang. My dad's band did a killer cover of it back in '86 and '87.

Well, instead of picking a semi-known, partially-popular new-country act for the 4th this year, the city's hiring the Satellites and the Atlanta Rhythm Section to perform during the big Independence Day bash at Tome Brown Park. Look, I know we're in a recession and the city's pretty broke. And heck, I've been hoping for years that they'd finally get some rock'n'roll out there to go along with the fireworks. But how about some acts on their way up instead of their way out?

While we're at it, how about some acts that aren't lily white and don't have a history of slapping Dixie flags on their album covers? I know, too much to ask.


Magnum said...

Maybe... Uriah Heep or Paul Revere and the Raiders?

At least it's not a loudspeaker blaring that "proud to be an american" song over and over.

downtown guy said...

You know, at least Paul Revere and the Raiders had more than one hit.

And you know that song will be played over and over regardless. There are some beautiful songs about this country, and that ain't one of them.

Ms. Moon said...

The Georgia Satellites??!!
Oh man, I had a moment of severe nostalgia there.
But you are right and no, nothing will ever change and it's the same ol', same ol' and I won't be going to the festivities AGAIN!

EDP said...

I couldn't agree more. I mean, they don't have to get Jay-Z feat. Linkin Park, but for crying out loud. I also have an issue with all the boomer-centric acts that come to town. Art Garfunkel?!

downtown guy said...

Honestly, they could have just about anyone playing and it wouldn't be worth the crowds and the heat.

Lazy Rani said...

yeah, but at least they didn't hire confederate railroad, huh?!