up the river, down the river

For all that it stormed and raged Friday night, hanging out at the river (Suwanee, in this case) with a handful of friends and several cases of Pabst is always better than sitting in town watching cable.
The best times were had just sitting on the bank, listening to birds and cows and dogs and such echo over the water. But the funniest bit was when my friends decided Sunday morning that I'd slept enough, and very carefully removed on length from each leg of my tent, dropping the roof two feet and making the sides look deflated - a little strange to wake up to, let me just say.


Ms. Moon said...

Sounds like good times. Good times.
Glad it all went well.
Did you make campfire stew? How about S'Mores?
Love the pictures. Love you.

downtown guy said...

Yes to s'mores, no to stew, yes to egg-in-a-hole. Yes to beer!