call the wahmbulance

DeVoe Moore sure is pissy about not being allowed to just go ahead and lay strip-malls wherever he pleases. Wah wah wah.

This is my favorite part of the linked story, by Gerald Ensley:
You'd practically have to be a materialism-hating communist not to be impressed by his magnificent museum. Moore, 69, began his Horatio Alger climb to fortune and fame as a blacksmith and has never lost his love for good craftsmanship.

That's right. If you don't love sprawling strip malls, repeatedly ugly designs, and blatant environmental damage, you're a commie. Also, I suspect, a pinko liberal treehugger.

What was it they said about Tallahassee on that show Lost? "Nothing but strip malls and Waffle Houses."


Ms. Moon said...

All I needed to read was "Call The Wahmbulance" and I burst into laughter.
You're cracking me up here.
Remember when he got the water buffalo to turn his wetlands into dry lands? Or something like that.
He's a creative SOB, ain't he?

downtown guy said...

I never did figure that water buffalo thing out.