Are you from here? Been here a while? Ate at Angelo's downtown, avoided the Past Time Lounge? Tallycast is looking for Tallahassee's oldest restaurant still in business. Can you help? Go check it out.

Other than that, not much hoppin. It turns out that school is remarkably easier when I'm not fighting society and my own awkwardness. Also, when I care enough to do homework.

Not so much housework, though.


Omgrrrl said...

I haven't been to Tally for awhile, as you know. (And I still count you among my favorite people who helped out while I got my favorite tattoo - remember that?) But Your Mother was fairly fond of Cool Beanz. And it was good.

But the best food I ever did have in Tally was at your Mama's dining room table.

Or Waffle House.

Miss you, Hank!

Ms. Moon said...

I have no idea. Nick's may be it. I didn't get here until 1974. I sure know that I miss the hell out of Angelo's.

Juancho said...

School?! Remember Pizza Gourmet? I miss that place. I'm sure the oldest restaurant still in business is McDonald's.

downtown guy said...

I bet it's not, but it might be.

Magnum said...

Nick's is likely right, and it's still packed for lunch everyday.

downtown guy said...

I've never eaten there, but I should.