plus, I have beer here

I'm supposed to be up and out and down to Mockingbird Cafe tonight for Whiskey Wednesday. This week's theme is rockabilly, and I can get down with that. Plus, dollar beers dollar shots. Have I mentioned I'm a college kid now?

But I dunno if I'm feeling it right now. It's muggy and rainy and I have shit I could play with here.

Grumpity grump. The end.


Ms. Moon said...

Did you go or not?
Yes, lunch soon.

downtown guy said...

I did not, but I had insomnia until around 5 in the morning. How can I sleep so well during the day and not at all at night?

Radish King said...

I have a rockabilly kid. 100%

You'd think having a concert violinist for a mother might have affected him in another direction but no. Still he loves Beethoven so I still talk to him. Also I had a Carl Perkins record that I played nonstop when he was little so it might be partly my fault.

Magnum said...

Grumpity grump happens, embrace it; don't be afraid.

downtown guy said...

RK: I've got my ties to that scene. It's a fun one.

Magnum: Grumpity grump is like my hobby these days.