kinda sorta birthday party

I tell you what, we run my mama ragged. It doesn't matter if we're talking about a full Thanksgiving dinner or three frozen pizzas (with toppings added) and a salad. Doesn't matter if the guest list is every cousin and 15 friends or the nearest and dearest, complete with babies. We are just gonna wear my mama clean out.

Last night we got mama to throw herself a small bash in honor of her birthday, something she's not all that into. Basically, we all want to descend upon her and then eat cake. It was a lickety-split sort of evening. If you sat still more than five minutes, you probably had a baby, a cigarette, or a slice of venison pizza in your hands. And those babies are wiggly buggers!

Waylon crawled four-on-the-floor for about a day and a half before going straight to the tripod stage (adorable) and is now racing along. This, in turn, sets Owen back a little. His easily-manipulated little friend can now hold his own - a good lesson for any child to learn!

That bruiser of a boy, in the mean time, was trying out this whole "walking in shoes" thing for the first time, and handling it like a champ. I fed him ice until we were both soaking wet and chilly, but he kept popping that wee mouth open like a birdie.

In the end, I know I had a good time. When we get together, no matter what, we make each other laugh. Oh, we're a lucky bunch.


Steph(anie) said...

That's a good kind of wore out. Looks like fun.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

I dig Owen's hair in the pictures. Dude's got it goin on.

Love you. Thanks for sharing the photos.

Ms. Moon said...

Oh my. I am still reeling. It was wonderful!

All This Trouble... said...

I am sorry but that last picture is killing me! It's just so funny with the smoke and beer bottle and... Is that baby shirtless? I love it!

Happy Birthday Partytime, Moons!

downtown guy said...

Steph: it really was.

SB: Billy did a good job on that mohawk, eh? Love you.

Mama: It was a crazy one! SO MANY BABIES!

ATT: I didn't know how funny that last one would be until I got it off my camera.

honeyluna said...

Haha, awesome. I had fun hiking up and down those hills with May last night.
We are a lucky bunch, aren't we?

Jo said...

Great photos!

I have a friend who's son did a sort of three legged run for a while before walking - they had to give him TWO ricecakes to get him bepedal :)

N2 said...

Oh, My! I am still laughing as I type about that last photo =o))) It is a great accompaniment to the one on your Ma's blog with the blaze of candles. Hahahaha.
You are such good kids to push her into such a fun B'day.
x0 N2

Petit fleur said...

Great pix!

I'm sure a yummy funny time was had by all!
xo pf

May said...

That WAS a good time. Isn't it funny how two babies sort of multiplies into like, 100 babies? I mean, there really were only two but I swear... There were babies all over the place.

downtown guy said...

I have to say it: SO MANY BABIES!