gimme money

Waiting on my paycheck to go through. Waiting on my paycheck to go through. It must be an alternate Thursday, because I'm singing the Waiting on My Damn Paycheck song.

Why do I toil here in the salt mines, waking up at the ungodly hour of 7 am to support the unlucky and unstable of Florida? It ain't so I'll develop state worker ass. It ain't for the chance to rise in my field and shine like the brilliant star that I am. It ain't even for unlimited office supplies.

Okay, it's partially for the unlimited office supplies. I do love 'em. (See above picture.)

No, it's for the paycheck, of course! It ain't much, but it's steady. I've been skin broke all week, and now I've got visions of cold beer and a fully gassed car, a meal that doesn't involve soup and a new pair of cargo pants from the army/navy store. Next week is my vacation, and I'll spend it locally, sleeping in my own bed, having adventures where I can. And what little is left after rent and updating my car insurance will make for a good time indeed.

When you make small change, it's good to recognize simple blessings.


Steph said...

"It ain't so I'll develop state worker ass... a meal that doesn't involve soup..."

Amen, brother.

Ms. Moon said...

Honey- Get that thing out of your nose. Please.

Steph said...


downtown guy said...

Yes, ma'am.

May said...

Now put something else in your nose, 'cause that shit is hilarious.

downtown guy said...

I do love putting random things in my nose hole.

Petit fleur said...

Those are some big ass paperclips! They didn't make office supplies like that back when I was working a million years ago.

Also, I'm sensing a very funny family dynamic here. I would never have pegged Maybelle for an instigator! ha!

Happy Happy Birthday Hank. I wish you many blessings this year and always.
xo pf