One of my best friends told my sister (they work together) that she's worried for me. I'm going through some sort of phase. The symptom? Wearing Hawaiian shirts.

It's true, too. Last month, for my luau, I stopped into the local kmart and wound up with a couple of nice, light, colorful Hawaiian shirts for a couple of bucks each. (If anyone can explain kmart's pricing policies to me, that would be a great - it's like a weird lottery system, and half the time the numbers on the sign have nothing to do with the numbers at the register.)

Reactions are strange. Someone told me I look "snazzy." A friend, seeing me in yet another one, told me, "enough is enough." I do feel a faint urge to make frozen drinks and sip them out of coconut shells. But hell, this is Florida in the summer. As long as no one turns me into the Suede/Denim Secret Police, I'm set until September.


Ms. Moon said...

Was it Dave Barry who said that when you're wearing a Hawaiian shirt it's like telling the entire world to fuck off, you're on vacation now?
There is no better look for a man in my opinion.
Well, except for that Levi's with a white dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up thing. That one gets me every time.
I thought you looked fabulous in your Hawaiian shirt on Sunday, by the way.

Ms. Moon said...

And that picture?

downtown guy said...

Well, there we go. That's enough affirmation for me.

I'm wearing one right now, actually. White and blue with some sort of big flowers.

(And yeah, I mostly wanted to post that pic.)

B.E. Earl said...

I went through my Hawaiian shirt phase in the spring/summer of 2002. I had just started working at home after 14 years of office hell and I decided the best way to do that was to go out and buy a shitload of Hawaiian shirts.

I have around two dozen of them.

downtown guy said...

Damn, I'm a mere Hawaiian shirt hobbyist compared to you.

My Grizzled Life said...

I love Hawaiian shirts, they're somehow very obnoxious but at the same time they're fully acceptable - it's like your saying, "fuck you if you don't fucking like it! How are you today?" HA!

downtown guy said...

Exactly. And congrats!