not up to snuff

It's not the sore throat. Not the developing drippy nose that threatens to glue my septum ring to my face. Not the overwhelming urge to nod off in my chair with a quilt over my lap like an old man. No, it's not the physical symptoms that make me hate being home sick.

It's daytime tv.

Talk shows and court shows and game shows and dance shows, and all I want is a god damned story that doesn't involve one of the Ten Sitcom Plots.

Mom brought me mango sorbet and fruit salad, and that's making the whole thing easier to take. But I wish there was a service that delivered John Waters movies and mind altering substances. Now that's how you get through a bad spring cold.


Ms. Moon said...

Honey, I can only do so much.
Feel better.

downtown guy said...

Honestly, that mango sorbet is awesome.

JA Huber said...

CBS soaps are my vice! Hope you're feeling better.

downtown guy said...

I didn't even delve into the soaps, though I grew up on All My Children.

I'm about a million times better today, though, thanks!

juancho said...

Damn, we coulda been doing the sick day thing together.

downtown guy said...

Would have beat the hell out of spending it with Oprah, that's for sure.

Come hang out some time, man.