down the rushing glen

I nearly got flooded out and washed away this weekend trying to pull out of the Pitaria parking lot onto Tennessee Street. A flash flood took over one whole lane. I sat for a while and watched to make sure a few other small cars could pull through it, and in the end everyone made it safely. The things I go through for a chicken pita.

As a kid, there was nothing I loved more than a stream or a flooded field or a ditch full of running water. Disregarding temperature, bacterial infections, and strong currents, I was happiest up to my knees in run off. Cobb Middle School's athletic field and the creek that runs through Indian Head Acres (aka "Ne Ne Land") were my preferred haunts.

I wasn't completely crazy. I mean, I pretty much stayed away from the orange water, kept an eye out for snakes and crawdads, and didn't spend too much time barefoot in storm water overflow. I've just always had more Rat than Mole in me. Plus, all the best stories take place in or on water. There was Following The River To Its Source or Throwing Off The Scent So I Can Escape or Giant Beast In Shallow Seas.

I need to go swimming.


AucillaSinks said...

Nice shot of the Cacade Drain. Historic too, considering the changes that are coming to this park in the near future. http://www.capitalcascadetrails.org/park_concept.shtml

Have you ever noticed the spring at the far end of this photograph? When it's dry and there is no water flow coming from the Franklin Blvd section you will notice a little pool of bluish water right next to the DEP parking lot bridge and water flows from the pool. A little urban spring that's not in Bulletin #66 - one of my favorite government pulications.

I was (am) the same way as a kid. Could hang out in a ditch/stream for hours on end.

downtown guy said...

I'm really looking forward to the Cascades being cleaned up and reopened to the public. I haven't been able to prowl there the way I want to.

I'll check out that link. Springs, creeks, culverts - some of my favorite things.

AucillaSinks said...

The address to Bulletin 66 does not look complete in my browser. If you want to see this wonderful resource just google:
"Springs Florida Bulletin 66"

downtown guy said...

Very very cool. Yep, I found it by using most of what you posted and looking from there.

It's good to remember just how much of a sponge Florida really is.

juancho said...

Skimboarding in the Publix parking lot was always fun too.

downtown guy said...

Whatever happened to all the skim boarders? They used to be in the Leon and Cobb bowls after every rain.

Ms. Moon said...

Water is life. That is something children inherently know well and are fascinated with it. I remember playing in every sort of water I could get to when I was a child. And of course, Lynn always told the story of you "showing" her the puddle, DTG. One of her most favorite stories of all times. You SHOWED her that puddle.
Remember how The Yearling starts out? Jody and the fluttermill down at the creek.

downtown guy said...

That's the picture I should have used for this blog! I'm gonna add it.

RickySilk said...

Yeah, Leon had some sweet skimming. I think they fixed the drainage problem though.