"best" being loosely defined here

The FSView (which tries hard to make sure it remains the worst local paper, despite the Democrat's best efforts to take that title) just published the results of their annual Best of Tallahassee survey.

Let me just put it this way:
Best Overall Restaurant: Applebees (whaaaa?)
Best Italian: Olive Garden (double whaaa?)
Best Live Music Venue: Bullwinkles (they book cover bands exclusively)
Best Desserts: TCBY (not even Baskin Robbins?)
Best Video Store: Blockbuster (pure ignorance of what's locally available)
Best BBQ: Sonny's (not Jim and Milt's? for my buck it's Mr. T's on the south side)

No wonder college kids consider Tally a cultural wasteland. Evidentially, they've never actually been here.


Ms. Moon said...

Yeah. That list lies its ass off. It is meaningless.

Son! I am so proud of your blog-redoubled efforts!

downtown guy said...

I've been feeling wordy.

Jon said...

It's what happens when you let college students vote on things.

downtown guy said...

No kidding. It makes me want to start working as an advertiser specializing in promoting local businesses to college kids.