aw crap, it's spring!

I swear, just last week the trees were bare and the only sign of life was that damn yellow pollen. Now all the oaks are so shiny and green they look like Disney cartoons. Driving around with my window down is like a olfactory buffet - jasmine and wisteria battle to take over whatever sense of smell allergies have left behind. The Weather Channel this morning declared we'd have "abundant sunshine". It's still cool in the shade, and we're a few weeks yet from feeling like your face is covered with a hot, wet towel every time you step out of the a/c.

So tell me, on a day when the dogwoods and azaleas are bursting out of their bark, why the hell am I at work?


Ms. Moon said...

So you can live in that cool apartment where you can watch the parades?
What do you want to eat on Sunday?

downtown guy said...

Well, there is that.

Ham! And dip and peel eggs.

Ms. Moon said...

NO HAM! I will eat a pound of it and we cannot have that. I have to fit into my mother of the bride dress.
Dip and peel eggs for sure.
How 'bout grouper and greens?

downtown guy said...

Honestly, that sounds even better.