Oh, yeah, I love camping.

I almost forgot. Getting out there in the dark, down in a state camping lot on St. George. Putting up the tent, with various cussing and regrets at the sorry way it was put away last time. Building the fire and saying things like, "Damn, there's a lot of stars!" and "You think a ranger will look in our cooler?"

We hiked around a little, talked about farts and politics, napped in the cool afternoon. My buddy showed us all his thermal underwear.

Now I'm home, showered, and eating stew.

Stew for After Camping:
1. Your dad kills a deer.
2. Your mom cooks deer ribs and gravy and gives you the leftovers.
3. Mix leftovers in a big pan with a can of stewed whole tomatoes (squish them in your fists) and a can of water - maybe two.
4. Stir in the leftovers from New Year's Eve's veggie tray and a small yellow squash your mom gave you.
5. Oh, and some garlic and black pepper and maybe salt.
6. Cook it up.
7. I like it with hot sauce. I'm a Crystal man, but whatever you got handy will do.


Ms. Moon said...

Sounds like you're a happy boy. I've been thinking about you all weekend, hoping you were having a great time. And I'm glad you did.
The stew sounds awesome! Isn't that gravy the absolute best in the world? Man. Who knew?

downtown guy said...

I think I may have lightly burned the top of my head, though. Well worth it. And yes, this stew is pretty damn amazing. How did you make this gravy?

Ms. Moon said...

I made that gravy from the liquid that was left in the pressure cooker when I cooked the ribs. It had Dale's and worcestershire sauce in it as well as pepper and garlic.
I just added some flour and whisked it all together and voila! the world's best gravy!