Thoughts from this weekend, after seeing my mama perform at the Monticello Opera House in the local production of Casablanca and my dad and stepmom perform at the Moon in a local soul review:

- I sort of wish I had a fez. I would wear it when I go out drinking.
- Some of the finest acting in Casablanca was done by Rick's chin cleft. I sort of couldn't stop watching it.
- My folks are damn talented.
- It's still tons of fun seeing nazis slapped, out-witted, or shot.
- If you go to an Opry House production and you have the option, get the dinner beforehand. That's some good grub. I hear the woman who supplies it is an old friend of my bro Billy - she runs a catering service in Monticello, and I keep meaning to ask her name.
- I liked the backlit bottle rack part of the set particularly - simple effect, but it looked really good.
- Now I want to actually rent Casablanca and watch it all the way through.
- The Moon has the best sound in town, but the worst drink prices.
- If you have a large room full of baby boomers and, for some reason, you need to get them all on the dance floor at once, play Mustang Sally. They'll all get right out there and start doing the hip shake dance.
- Middle aged guys in above-the-knee khaki shorts, polo shirts, and slip-on shoes with no socks make me laugh. And I have all the fashion sense of a crosseyed armadillo.
- The fun we make for each other is always better than the fun we hire others to make for us.
- David Schuessler looks like the love child of John Denver and Martina Navratilova.
- I've got some damn talented parents.


Ms. Moon said...

Yeah. Rick's chin cleft is like a National Treasure, isn't it? And the damn thing about the guy is that he's just so sweet.
I sure wish I could have gone to the Moon on Saturday night. I'll bet that was fun and I would have enjoyed dancing.
But mostly, it was a real joy to have the people I love most (your other sister came yesterday) come to the play, enjoy themselves, and get to meet some of my cast mates.
Lord, it's been fun.

downtown guy said...

It was fun! I had a great time. I'm looking forward to the next one. What'll it be? I'm for another comedy.

Since all the kids are out of Sail, you have to fill the drama gap.

Jon said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the show. It was cool to finally meet you in person. And yes, you've got some damn talented parents. Of course, I didn't see your dad perform either, but I can only assume since you said so. You seem trustworthy enough.

downtown guy said...

It was good to meet you, too. I really had a great time at the play, and I'm looking forward to the next one. I know mom has a blast performing with y'all.

LoPo said...

Next time send the announcement 'round to bigringcircus blog so we can all know to catch your mama in her productions! :)

downtown guy said...

I will. I should have just put a notice up on my blog, but I completely spaced it.

juancho said...

Yeah! What my Mom said!

Anonymous said...

comments back to ya-

-my pawpaw probably has a fez that he will give you
-the lady's name is denise
-your parents are all super talented and fun to hang out with, it's almost like they're my own family...wait....

Miss Trashahassee said...

Wow! Sounds like too much fun. I hear that's illegal or something.

DG, you are such a good son - you keep on praisin' your mama and daddy and be sure to do it every single day. (Everybody should, anyway, but it's especially fun when they've got special talents! My daddy could pick a
guitar and banjo, play a French harp and mandolin, all by ear ... he passed away in '03 so the music went with him except for when my brothers play (my younger brother played in a local band three or four years ago and my older brother jams here and there with folks who play bluegrass). And Mama - she was a Leon High School Melodear(?) back in the 1950s and still has that incredibly sweet voice. My oldest son picked up my dad's natural talent and taught himself to play guitar ... he loves writing songs and hopes to be a music teacher someday (if he can ever get through his freshman year of college, that is!).

Dang, Percoset (for fractured shoulder) makes you write more than you intended to. What I'm trying to say in the midst of all my own boasting, is that I think it is wonderful that you are proud of your parents and that you enjoy their talents, and I think it is wonderful that you share this with other people. (I wish I had told my daddy that I enjoyed his talents more.) Your family appears to have a strong, loving bond and that is so refreshing to see, especially on a blog written by a young man.

Miss T