3/18/85 - 6/27/04

Even with all the beer we drank together, all the music we listened to, all the shows we rocked out at, all the hamburgers we ate, all the playfights in the yard, all the bonfires, all the late night swims, all the parties, all the deep thoughts, all the patches and pins we swapped - it wasn't enough. There should still be more.

Derek, we miss you.


Ms. Moon said...

Has it really been three years? I can't believe that.
Isn't it odd how the body remembers anniversaries? It does, consciously and un-
I love you.

downtown guy said...

Three years, and there's still a big hole in a lot of lives that will never be filled. I saw a picture of Aurora the other day - she's growing up and looks so much like him. She's got his smile.

Anonymous said...

A best friend to me, and a man when we were still kids.