on inauguration day

I'm at work, digging ditches for the state of Florida.* I almost called in this morning so I could go downtown and watch the state I love get handed over to those who would plunder and pillage her, or at least catch the parade (hell, I love a parade). Instead, I took my shower, laced up my boots, and came into work. I might as well do my job while it still exists.

Tomorrow night I'm going to see a show at the Engine Room (Adolescents, Lower Class Brats, Love in Arms, and Ka Plaa). I need it. It's been a while since I got to bang shoulders with like-minded individuals while loud music crashes down on our heads. Once you get used to that kind of release, it becomes a necessity. Going without a good show feels almost like going without sex or solid food - sure, you can live that way, but why?

Will I make it to work Thursday morning? Well, there's a reason I didn't give in to that urge to play hooky today.

*I do not actually dig ditches for a living. 


Ms. Moon said...

THAT'S my boy!

May said...

Oh shit, the footnote made me spit water and scare the cat.
I am glad you have a show tomorrow! Hurrah!

The stupid gunshots and low flying jets from the inauguration made me think we were under attack this morning. I was so scared I had to get out of the shower so I would not die naked.

downtown guy said...

That's what happened to me last inauguration. I woke up with helicopters all over my house and thought we were under attack. In this case, we sort of are.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Enjoy the show, love. My sympathies on the job.