To a man with a heart like a lion.

If the road hadn't been rainslick. If the young driver hadn't been fooling around. If he'd been buckled in. If this, that, and the other goddam thing, I'd be helping my friend Derek Biggs celebrate his 25th birthday today.

6 years gone, I can barely believe it.

"And for some of us, there's never gonna be any happy ever after."


Steph(anie) said...

I'm sorry.

downtown guy said...

Thank you.

Ms. Moon said...

Six years? Really? I won't forget the call I got in Las Vegas. "Mama..."
Not from you. That came later.
The good do die young and not a one of us can do a damn thing about that.
I love you....Mama

Petit fleur said...

I remember when this happened.

Although I did not know him, I felt sad for his loss and all of the people who loved him.

Blessing to you DTG. I'll hold a good thought for you.
xo pf

Dena said...

I'm so sorry.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

I love you. God bless your dear friend.


downtown guy said...

Thanks, y'all. He filled so much of the room when he was here that, even years later, there's still a hole where he stood.

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about your friend. I'm sure he added joy to many lives in the short time he was with you.

Ben said...

Nicest dude ever. I'm glad to have known him.