let me tell you about my friend T-bone

She and I dated for 5 years and have been close buds for 5 more.

She can cook up anything from escargot to vegan sloppy joe. She can drink a 12 pack of beer and walk a straight line. She can balance two jobs and taking care of a mom with issues. She can dance like a muppet. She can tell a joke (as long as it is one of a half dozen she knows). She can make a tshirt look pretty damn good.

What can't she do? Wash dishes. Name a cat anything except Baby (she currently shares a tiny apartment with Old Baby and Good Baby). Whistle. Make friends with girls I date.

Last night, she took something off the can't list. See, she was an end of life surprise for her dad - in her 20s, she's the youngest of 5 kids, and the oldest is in his 60s. Her experience with babies is in the range of slim to none. But a bunch of our friends and loved ones have started spawning, and now there are newborns everywhere. The thing is, T-bone's never held one. The youngest kid to ever sit in her lap was a few years old, and that was only for a few seconds.

But Brother B put his wee one in her arms last night and stepped back. She whispered to Waylon, "When you're older, we're going to be best friends." She peered into his little face and he blinked back sleepily. She cried a little. T-bone and babies - who knew?


Ms. Moon said...

I always knew.

justme said...


Babies just have a way, don't they?

Petit fleur said...

Hey... I am the youngest of 5 too!!! And the late in life kid for my units... My mom is also very sick, but lives in Ohio with my sis. I didn't know she and I had that in common.

Makes perfect sense that she'd be a baby lover. She's so sweet and tender hearted. What a lovely picture.

May I ask, where did the name T Bone come from? I like hearing stories of nick names.


downtown guy said...

Her dad called her that, from Taylor and because he thought it was funny.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

T-bone sounds very cool. I hope to meet her one day.



erin said...

Awww! That's just the bees knees.

I'm the oldest of five siblings and the third oldest 40 cousins. I've been holding babies since before I can remember.

The irony of this is that my family nickname is 'Baby'.

May said...

I bet Taylor will be catnip to babies. I bet they will crawl all over her. She will be covered with so many babies!!!

downtown guy said...


Anonymous said...

That IS a lovely picture! T-bone is a natural, I'm sure of it.

And I love her head scarf. I've recently began wearing one again. We picked my 12 yr old up for his Christmas visit a few days ago and he took one look at me and said he could see we were still hippies. I found that very funny.

And I find this post incredibly sweet.

downtown guy said...

She tends to wear them. A holdover from working in kitchens.