we've got a thinkin' problem

Let me tell you a heartwarming tale about a plucky band of misfits. About six months ago, I stumbled into going to bar trivia night at a local tavern. I sucked a few friends into it, and we soon needed a name. Being several pitchers into the night at that point, a silly pun prevailed, and Drinkin' Bout It we became.

Week after week, we came in near the bottom. "We're not last!" we cheered at the end of the game, soused and eager to take another run at it. We clapped for those few teams who came in below us, and we clapped for those who regularly knew what quarterbacks belong to what NFL teams and three poets whose names start with G.

But we began to learn. For example, we learned that the guy calling the questions checks cnn.com every week for his current events questions, and we bumped up a place or two. We learned that he can sometimes be bribed with shots of liquor. And we learned that we'd better have somebody familiar with the old Testament and the periodic table.

And this week, with no warning whatsoever, we stomped 'em. We came in first, and amazed ourselves as much as the teams who'd become comfortable with us as a barrier between them and last place. We were the Bad News Beers, the Mighty Drunks.

Next week we may well come in dead last. But for a week, we're champions.


EDP said...

Drinkin' About It = Best Team Name Ever.

downtown guy said...

We're gonna make tshirts.

Ms. Moon said...

That's AWESOME! Why didn't you tell me? Was Mr. Chuck there?
Damn. You won without me.

downtown guy said...

Nope, Chuck couldn't come. It was me, Tay, Billy, Denise, Mr. Spaniel, and our friend Jenna, who was pretty much our ace in the hole. It was awesome!

Anonymous said...

love those trivia games!

Zil said...

Congrats. We always go to pop culture quiz on Monday where we finish a consistent second. We're one player away from greatness. Wednesday is much harder, though. You need knowledge about like, actual topics, not just celebrities, TV, and movies, so nice work.

honeyluna said...

Yay! I'm so proud of you guys! I see that I'm not needed to make you guys a winning team. How disappointing. Heh, just playing, I already knew that little fact.

downtown guy said...

magnum: I'm a sucker for trivia.

Zil: Monday is too early in the week to drink the way we like.

Jess: this wasn't even our A team!