local legends

Hey, The Engine Room, which is to say The Beta Bar, which is to say The Cow Haus, which is to say the longest running independent music venue here in Tallahassee, needs our help. Money is tight, bands are asking more to play, and the new owners are trying to keep shit running while they get their legs under them.

There's a show tonight and a show tomorrow (click that link up there for details), and on Saturday a whole mess of local acts are getting together to play and raise cash. I mean, this isn't just a bar, this is a local institution. If you're into punk, metal, real rock, alt country, hip hop - if you're into live music, you've been to shows here. I've fallen in love there. Embarrassed myself badly by passing out on an amp. Suffered mosh pit injuries. Made new friends. Danced my ass off to everyone from the Gossip to Hank Williams III. Attended a wedding. Attended a hair metal birthday party. Attended a wake. Drank enough beer to float a pirate armada. Witnessed streakers and holy rollers. And, if you are from here, odds are good that you've done some of that, too.

So, the line up on Saturday is:
me and the devil
oh geography
adam reid
boss fight
good morning engineer
only thieves

The tunes start around 4pm and the door is only $5. Support our scene. Give what you can, because we get more back in return. And if they manage to make it through the weekend, I'm spinning tracks for Effed Up Punk Nite next Tuesday the 18th, starting around 9pm. Come on out, sing along, have a good time, keep it alive.


B.E. Earl said...

Sounds like a great joint. I see the Toadies are playing there later this month. Very nice.

downtown guy said...

The only thing I know about them is their hit from the mid 90s.

EDP said...

"Embarrassed myself badly by passing out on an amp."

ROFL! You have suffered for supporting the local arts scene. Sounds like an excellent cause. Even if I can't come, I can send 'em a check. Gotta keep those local haunts alive.

downtown guy said...

Even better, it was the amp right next to the stage while the show was going on. The bass player kept throwing ice at me, I hear.

Anonymous said...

Well, did it survive? Are you working tonight? Hope so.

I've been to all the manifestations of the venue and have loved it and hated it for various and multiple reasons. I hope the new version does well; ultimately, a place like that is necessary.

I must say however that it's not for a lack of local support that the Milk/Cow/Beta has struggled, it's due to the expense of a _____ habit, but I promised not to be catty.

honeyluna said...

I hope your Punk Night! went well. I really should have gone out and supported, but I figured that I needed to wash some clothes and study. Of course, my studying did not go so well once my roommates and I started making cookies and doing other things that did not involve school work.

downtown guy said...

Magnum: everyone whose ever run a venue is a cokehead, I'm pretty sure, but I don't know if that's true in this case. Dunno the guy well enough to say.

Jesster: ha, that's cool. It went very well!

Anonymous said...

probably so, hope the new folks don't like the smell of Colombia in the moonlight.

downtown guy said...

The new owner's been around long enough that he's probably got it out of his system if he ever tended that way.