a little off

I feel anxious. Not for any particular reason. Well, for a couple reasons, none of them all that important.

A coworker left for sunnier climes this week, and her duties got lumped in with mine, so I'm trying to find footing in the flood. Yesterday, I looked up a band I used to like on myspace and my worst, nastiest ex is in their top 10 friends, leaving me with a sour feeling in the back of my head. I want to get out of town in a week and a half to visit a girl I dig, and money is tighter than Prince's britches. I have pledged to have a new issue of my music zine finished by the 30th, and I've barely touched the damn thing. And a bill collector's suddenly started calling me at work over something I paid off last year.

In other words, life as usual, except all at once.

The thing is, anxiety's not a regular state of mind for me. I tend to figure that things'll turn out one way or the other, and stressing about it won't help one bit. But when I've got a half dozen worries hanging over me and nothing I can actually do about any right now, well, I feel like I've had a yellow jacket and a red bull.

This won't last, thankfully. I'll burn off some nervous energy tonight playing bar trivia at Gill's (we're the loud team), and a pitcher of beer won't hurt, either. A good friend even offered to treat me this week. So I guess I'll just keep passing the open windows, and I suspect that by the time I get to the rollerderby match this weekend, I'll be back to my normal, grinning self.


Ms. Moon said...

Oh, sugar. I can relate. Your anxiety has not affected your writing ability, however. "Tighter than Prince's"? Genius!
Uh- which ex? Can I guess?
Feel better.

downtown guy said...

I'm sure you can guess the ex. I mean, I've really only got the one that I can't deal with. But I'm feeling a hell of a lot better today, although I'd rather be fast asleep and enjoying the sound of the rain than sitting here.

Ms. Moon said...

It's raining in town? It looks iffy here.

downtown guy said...

Rained most of the night and pretty steadily this morning. Of course, out there where you need it, it's not.