'Tis the Season

Parade season, that is!

If there's anything in life better than a mug of beer, a hamburger, and a half dozen marching bands, I don't know what it might be.

I wish Tally's parades were bigger, though. I'd love to see all the incredible floats, costumes, stilt-walkers, and bands that march in the Caribbean and FAMU parades be a bigger part of the large community festivals. Why do you suppose they aren't? Racism? Money? Length of the parade? Lack of interest?


Ms. Moon said...

Great post. Great picture. Is your house clean yet?
Maybe we'll stop by after the oh-so-fun office party. Things should be roaring by then.
Don't let anyone fall off that wall.

Miss Trashahassee said...

That right there, now that's a motley-looking crew, I tell you.

Miss T

downtown guy said...

Mama: My house is still clean, but my floor is filthy. What's the best thing to use to mop hardwood?

Miss T: We ain't handsome, but we know how to have a good time. Ha!

Ms. Moon said...

For mopping hardwood, I recommend water with white vinegar and a tiny bit of Murphy's oil soap for the lovely smell of it.
That'll do it!

Ms. Moon said...

Or you can use Fabuloso!

juancho said...

I will never pre-patty a burger again. handfuls of meat slapped on the grill gets right to the root of things. grunt grunt!

downtown guy said...

Well, you do gotta flatten 'em out some.

Ms. Moon said...

Guys. Stop with the burger recipes. Write a new blog. We've been patient.